Resilience Through Adversity With Cody Gibson

Cody Gibson has spent his life dealing with adversity that few can imagine. At the age of 12, he was paying his mother $75 a month to reside in a boat in their front yard, as she had rented out his former bedroom. In the third episode of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Podcast, we delve into Cody’s remarkable story, and he shares the top lessons he’s learned from his experiences.

1. Mindset is Everything

Like many of us, Cody initially approached work with a conventional mindset, believing that he would simply exchange hours for a paycheck. However, his entry into the world of real estate quickly shattered this illusion. On his very first day, he was told that selling one house per week would guarantee him plenty of money. So, he dove headfirst into the real estate world, hosting open houses, responding to office leads, and discussing real estate with anyone willing to listen. It proved to be a winning strategy, as he sold 16 houses in 16 weeks. It was only until week 17 that he learned that most agents don’t actually sell a home a week, and he let this idea of “what most people do” interrupt his mindset and totally stop his progress.

From this experience, Cody learned an invaluable lesson: success hinges on the right thought process followed by the right actions. The sequence is crucial, as thinking precedes action.

“What’s the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

The One Thing

2. Success is a Recipe 

Success is not based on an a la carte menu, it’s a recipe that is built on several models. Cody believes that you need to do a couple of things exceptionally well and you will find success, but it will take time. He says “anything worth doing is going to take focus, and anything that takes focus is going to require time.” If you ask how long it will take, you are not committed to the task. The key is to determine the most important tasks that drive the success of each of your goals.

3. Where You Come From Has No Bearing On Where You’re Going

For a significant portion of his life, Cody carried the weight of perceived rejection due to his tumultuous childhood and a history of challenges at school, on his paper route, and even with potential clients. He held the belief that being rejected was his story until an encounter with Gary Keller changed his perspective forever. Gary shared a simple yet profound revelation, stating, “The only people who can reject you are those you’d want by your deathbed.” This single sentence transformed Cody’s outlook on life.

Cody’s mindset serves as his superpower, and his resilience to adversity has helped him build a real estate empire that few can compete with.


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