Shift and Succeed: Navigating Changes in Real Estate with James Shaw

James Shaw, real estate coach, former team leader, and curator of the Pivot: Shift Ahead Facebook community, has created a haven for real estate agents seeking guidance and support. With over 115,000 members, this group offers daily calls and meetings dedicated to helping agents live more fulfilling lives. We’ve curated James’ top insights and models that have transformed the businesses of countless real estate professionals.

Lesson 1: Embrace Consistency

James emphasizes the importance of consistency in your daily routine. He suggests focusing on three key elements every day: preparation, practice, and purposeful action. By incorporating these into your routine consistently, you build a solid foundation for success.

Lesson 2: Know Your Metrics

To gauge your success, identify clear metrics. James recommends measuring success by either scheduling a listing appointment or adding a qualified lead to your pipeline. By setting tangible goals, you can evaluate your progress effectively.

Lesson 3: Adjust and Adapt

If you’re not achieving your daily goals, implement a 5 p.m. protocol. This involves taking predetermined steps to course-correct before the day ends. The idea is to be agile and proactive in adjusting your strategies to meet your objectives.

Lesson 4: Leverage the Power of Your Database

James highlights the significance of consistently reaching out to your database. Following a schedule like the DTD2 (Do The Database Two) system ensures regular communication with past clients. Even if they don’t immediately respond, the consistent outreach builds rapport and may lead to future opportunities.

Lesson 5: Prioritize Client Events

Client events are a mandatory part of your strategy. They don’t have to be extravagant; even simple events can create meaningful connections. Use these events to engage with your community and show appreciation to your clients.

Lesson 6: Implement Call-In or Opt-In Strategies

To generate leads and engage potential clients, incorporate call-in or opt-in strategies; otherwise known as a “Reverse BOLD.” This could involve giveaways or promotions that encourage people to interact with your business, providing you with valuable leads.

Lesson 7: Focus on Community Value

Shift your perspective from simply selling houses to providing immense value to your community. Engage in activities that give back, such as sponsoring local events or participating in community initiatives. When you contribute positively to your community, it naturally attracts business opportunities.

Lesson 8: Protect Your Time

James stresses the importance of setting boundaries and protecting personal time. By clearly defining when you’re available for work and when you’re not, you maintain a healthier work-life balance. This approach allows you to be more present and engaged in both professional and personal spheres.

Lesson 9: Read and Apply Proven Strategies

Finally, James encourages professionals to read and apply proven strategies from resources like the SHIFT and The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. Rather than relying on theoretical approaches, leverage proven models and strategies to achieve consistent success.

Looking to dive deeper into the systems and models? Check out the Pivot: Shift Ahead Facebook group and explore BOLD and Never Ending Referrals to learn how to set up your own DTD2 and Reverse BOLD.

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