Unveiling Your True Goals: The Power of Gary’s Annual Self-Assessment

In the late winter of 2022 during a mastermind with an exclusive group of top-producing agents, Gary unveiled a series of questions that he had been asking himself annually for decades. His revelation stemmed from observing how real estate agents crafted yearly goals for their lives and businesses, only to abandon them mere months later. Gary realized the crux might not be the goal setters themselves, but rather the goals – they often didn’t resonate with the individual’s “big why” or life mission. Consequently, when faced with challenges, many found it simpler to relinquish their aspirations.

“When you have this discussion with yourself to decide where you want to be over a longer period of time, then each year you’re not setting a goal. You’re simply doing a check-in with yourself to make sure that you are still on track.” 

– Jason Abrams

Determined to forge a different path, Gary committed to an annual self-assessment, ensuring his goals’ alignment with his values, life mission, and relationships. This conscientious effort aims to optimize his potential and fulfillment in pursuing his goals. Our suggestion is that you mix up a cup of Gary’s favorite tea – half black and half green – and dedicate an hour each winter answering the questions below before you set your goals for the new year.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you believe?
  3. What motivates you?
  4. Why do you work so hard?
  5. When is enough, enough?
  6. What do you want control over?
  7. What do you fear?
  8. What regrets are you trying to avoid? (Answering this fully allows you to bring peace into your life.)
  9. How do you bring meaning to your life? Or, how do you make your life meaningful?
  10. Who are you in the end?

Listen to the episode:


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